Friday, August 29, 2008

It goes on, and on, and on, and ooooon! vs.

Currently, the former is more specific. Independent scientists deserve credit as well, and Roessler sounds more specific than CERN right now. I'm not entirely satisfied if CERN goes ahead and turns something on when a rebellious yet experienced scientist shows concern expressed not only without lavish use of capital letters, but eloquently. Of course, they've parried sane-sounding arguments before, but now they have more coming. I now implore CERN not to ignore arguments that are more advanced than its own; I await a counter as eagerly as an attack, and if you're really just wrong, well I advise-- er...

Well, that would take at least a big slice of the cake for most expensive mistakes of all time. CERN would pretty much be discredited, wrecked and dissolve with a lot of fuss.

I'm not known to be a smooth talker.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vacation ending, LHC being interesting

I got back from camp a few days ago. That meant many things, among them being able to edit the blog once more. Since the beginning of the summer I've been inordinately interested in the LHC, especially because the aim is to at very least make a groundbreaking discovery in physics. I don't know about the feelings of the scientists themselves and how much they want to know at a bare minimum for their investment, but pretty much any conceivable result would weigh heavily on or entirely change the way we forge into this unknown. The LHC is built, and is likely to go into operation this year.

Of course, I had to see what the opposition was saying. is among the primary opponents to the LHC's operation due to theorized danger to our existence. I went back on, and found the arguments were very effective. A year ago. CERN's current position at has rebukes that are all at least fairly effective against the criticisms, provided they aren't exaggerating or lying outright. I'll be checking other sites later, as there is bound to be someone on the internet who has more reasonable-sounding counters that are up to date. It is actually a matter of personal opinion to anyone without serious scientific knowledge, but it very strongly appears as if Wagner stopped paying attention to CERN's arguments a while ago, or is simply satisfied with what looks like an argument that has been stripped bare when going back to the opponent's words. I have yet to review more of what the experts he checked are saying, but in that part he takes CERN's 2003 position on safety. The one that was superceded by the LSAG report of this year.

Surely this just sounds like just another doomsday argument to people outside physics circles (and even inside a few), but considering this could change what's taught throughout high school science, I'm surprised pretty much no one knows about it at mine. I guess I don't know just how much nerdiness radiates from every orifice in my body.