Monday, October 13, 2008

LHC being broken, need new subject.

This blog has had very little to do with greater areas of physics and more... just the LHC. Now that it's down for a while, I've been forced to search for something else to write about, but I eventually came up with something. Not that it took me this long, that was just me being lazy. I've heard of alternate projects that take aim at more or less the same questions as the LHC, but they approach things differently and with a lot less money and resources. If any of them turn out more interesting results, well, I've already mentioned several times that the LHC has all kinds of dignity and respect to lose for CERN, but we're still trying to observe things very closely we only guess at in theory. Once more, even if we find the most mundane possible results (defined differently among different people anyway), it will still be at least minimally enlightening.

Here are a few project pages I've found so far:

And a gargantuan pdf that probably has a lot of useful information:

Admittedly, these are from Google. Still, for now that's the method I'm using to find these other experiments; I have to dig up the names of ones I heard about without searching, and I might have them next post. If I can find them.