Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today, I add some long-awaited images from even my remotest of fans. The old promise for the ecosystem project from grade 7 is finally being fulfilled... behold! The fruits of my labour!

For all those that don't remember, the project's intent was to have snails and a plant that sustained them. Things... did not go as planned. The algae was also once green, but when I moved it from beside the window to on an outside table, it went brown in a hurry. Right now, it's frozen solid. I'll be out soon for a picture to compare this to, and then I'll take it back inside and see if something's survived after the horrors the life in here' s gone through.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not much on my mind, and the LHC is still broken.

The title may very well say it all. My checks for how the LHC is doing right now have been cursory, but what seems to be very obvious is that there isn't much to say right now. The LHC is broken, and it will be fixed eventually. What exciting and detailed news. Basically, there won't be much to discuss and argue about for a little while, so I really have to come up with something new, if I want to keep my blogging hat on.

Two things I can think of, that are of note, right now: I've been following several nerd webcomics. I don't know if there's such thing as a non-nerd webcomic, or at least one that's successful. Second, CotFSM hate mail. I feel so bad drawing amusement from reading it, and yet... I can't say I don't want to go back and read just a bit more... For anyone who doesn't know what that is yet, check out and have fun.

Ok... while writing that paragraph, I went back and read more hate mail. There is a decent amount of concerned criticism, depending on how you view it. In fact, if you're a huge fan of the word 'fuck' and think it can solve all of life's problems, then most of the section probably sounds perfectly valid. I doubt the immortal god-creator of xkcd would usually be right in this comic, because it probably needs the user to become enlightened pretty much as it's read. Or maybe having something read back to one does truly open their mind to what comes out of it and into the net. I love those 'what ifs' brought up in xkcd, because I'm interested in almost every single one. Anyway, here's the link to the one I'm talking about:

That is all for now... or is it?

That's what She said!