Sunday, September 21, 2008

Defrosting Pizza

This actually does have something to do with the LHC, as has everything I've posted in the last while. Check for more information on the approximate time the LHC could take to defrost a pizza. Of course, not only would the energy not spread across the pizza, but if it did it would happen so quickly that the pizza would form a superheated outer shell of something definitely not edible any more. The inside would still be frozen, and maybe there would be a microscopically thin layer that got just little enough heat to not be altered on a molecular level (at least), but enough not to be frozen any more. Any way one looks at it, it's pretty epic.

In more serious LHC news, part of the cooling system broke. According to another article in SA, it was probably due to some faulty wiring that overheated. I don't think any of the workers for the LHC are going to raise their hands when they ask who was working on that part.

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Glendon Mellow said...

Interesting topics!

I came upon your blog from the ScienceOnline registration wiki.

Nice to know there'll be another Torontonian there!

I'm hungry for helium-and-pineapple pizza now. Thanks.