Saturday, January 17, 2009

Im in ur North Carolina, Participatin in ur Discussions

After one day of listening to people talk about science, freedom, and freedom to do science, I've come to a conclusion very quickly and have stuck by it: I should have had more sleep earlier. I haven't slept, or even seemed extremely tired, throughout these, but I would have preferred it if my brain was closer to 100% capacity for function throughout the talks. I have to say, to the world, that I found every single discussion I went to (1/4 of the total, as many as using each time slot permits) was full of interest in the topic from, often, most of the people in the room. I would put in my own two cents, and in return people were glad to share their knowledge on what was being discussed. There was also a healthy dose of general hilarity at a number of the rooms, and at one point it sounded as if a bunch of Vikings had walked into the hallway and started singing loudly, which lasted a few minutes. At the last session, I was given a concise overview of Serbian history, relating to politics, the state of the people, and the state of science as a whole in the country. Though this account may have had some bias because of the person delivering it, my knowledge of the world IQ may have gone up a point or two at the end of an hour.

On a side note, we were walking down the hallway to our room in the hotel when my dad pointed someone else out to me walking towards us:

(Dad): "Hey Sam, it's Michael."

(confused): "Oh. Hi Michael."

(Michael): "Hi guys!"

(still uncertain): "Hi."

(Dad): "It's Michael Nielsen."

(enlightened): "Oh. Oh! *facepalm*"

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