Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's perfectly legitimate to ignore this post. Tedzy the Bear.

That was, in fact, completely necessary. I was just thinking: Why is the most amazing Starcraft map every made without its own Google search result? WHY!? I'll tell anyone who's reading why. No one wanted to honor a map made hell-knows-how-long-ago by some person who might not even play the game anymore. Rarely was it seen in the US East and West servers when I was on (afternoon to night here, most days, for around a year and a half). It might be over 8 years old. And yet, the image of a flaming teddy bear head on a map didn't hit my funny bone. It hit my hilarity bone.

I don't have the map anymore, because I had to get rid of my stuff for a while. If I had it... I don't know if I'd stoop so low as to post an image of it or a download for such a result either. On the other hand... I might, because I can. Thank you Blogger search priority! I could just make a Googlewhack with two words that don't show up together for the hell of it in five seconds. Genius.

Edit: It appears I'd have to get a link too it. My plans... ruined!

Edit 2: Hm... it appears that I'm now the #1 result for the search. Wow. 16/02/2009

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