Friday, July 24, 2009

Seeing the Internet as the endless pile of stuff that it can look like, and then I'm gone.

When I entered the realm of the Internet some time in the early 2000s, I had my idea for my username, Sazz. I really thought that it was original and that no one else had done it. Around a year ago I decided to go out and see if other people really had used that name, and I've found out that it may have been used since before I was born, by lots of people. I really thought I had had a new idea, too.

On another note, I just searched 'fmp tedzy the bear' again, and found that it has a result from me and a result from some other site that actually had some recognizable Starcraft wording in it. I clicked on the link and found out that my IP range is banned from the site. Even if it's just because I'm on Blogger my priority in the search was higher than yours, fools.

On what seems like the most important note, from the world of ScienceOnline '09, I'm submitting my interview response to Bora Zivcovic at A Blog Around the Clock either tomorrow or today. I can't say enough that I'm eager to go next year, there was a lot of interesting information and speculation to go around at the last conference and an atmosphere I appreciated (many of the people at this conference have said proudly that they don't want to 'grow up', at least in a more traditional sense of the word).

And finally, my family (which has extended to include me, too) will have highly limited access to the Internet over the following month. This means I won't be writing anything for that duration of time (as if I was a consistent and frequent poster anyway). To all my loyal and numerous fans, I'll return to tracking your epic turnouts at the end of summer!

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Larry Moran said...

Hey Sam! If you're reading this, stop by Sandwalk for a visit.

Why don't you come and visit me at the University of Toronto—it's that other university in Toronto, you know, the one your father doesn't talk about?