Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Political Ramble I Had at the End of the Original Mashup

Politically I have no idea who to vote for besides Lib, because the Cons don't sound too appealing. Honestly I should do some looking to find out why I should have faith in the Liberals to do anything... nice, as opposed to not as bad as some current Conservative behaviour. The plan I really need to get behind? Electoral reform. More rep by pop, but in some kind of complicated mess of a mixed system. I guess it would be thrown around for a few years before coming to some watered down but existing state. At least it wouldn't be a system in which some fools can win a landslide victory with around 40% of the vote. A certain unevenness would still be fine with me though; if the Maritimes need to be able to outvote me by something like a 2 or even 3:1 ratio so that our completely ridiculous population advantage in larger urban centers doesn't, in essence, eliminate their voices in a balanced-ish confederation, so be it. Not having to cross international borders to keep trade going has its advantages, but perhaps splitting wouldn't be so bad. I really don't know; as long as everyone still kept on intimate terms and traded freely, I could imagine it being ok. But then we might as well be one big happy family and confederate. My political theory is shot, don't listen to me.

May your resolutions not be entirely forgotten this year, happy New Year, and you just lost the game. Goodnight to all those going to bed and stuff, but when I wrote about going to bed January the 19th, it was like 12:30 in the morning. It's a little earlier now, so I guess good evening.


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